Mile 22

Fuel Dock / HX3D System

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Molokai to Oahu. Catalina to Palos Verdes. Santa Cruz to Monterey. Or maybe you’re just knocking out 22 miles on Saturday with your local crew. But all serious crossings require some clever on-board support. You’re going to make it across with our Fuel Dock HX3D System on your deck.

The HX3D is a combination of our popular HX2 System and our stealthy H+D System, loading you up with double Fuel Docks, three cages and three insulated Polar bottles, and our custom GPS post and brace. Our Fuel Dock mount was designed specifically to fit TWO of them front-to-back in a standard/10.75” fin box; yep, 2 Docks, 1 box. Place your GPS unit on left side or right side, whichever suits your hands, load the bottles with your go-to beverages, stuff a few GU gels into the loop at the base of the mount, and you're ready to hammer out the miles.

For a full description of all the features and tech we’ve packed into our Fuel Dock Systems, review the HX2 and H+D product listings. You’re going to get BOTH of those systems in this package.

The Fuel Dock HX3D package includes . . .

2 Fuel Dock mounts with 316 stainless hardware

3 Arundel cages

3 Polar Bottles w/ Surge Caps

1 Post and 1 silicone GPS oval brace

Paracord security leash

2 Extra reusable zip ties

Some pro tips and some stickers!

Light assembly required. Tools req: Phillips screwdriver, 11/32” (or adjustable) wrench, and your hands.

Blue and orange cages shown are for visibility. Black cages come with your order. Unless you want the ‘Team Colors’. Let us know.

** A note about our prices: Inflation is everywhere, and we are not immune. We've seen our costs rise on nearly every component of this system, and in the case of our Fuel Dock mounts, the materials cost has doubled since fall of 2021. We are doing our best to keep our prices in range, and we know our system is more expensive than the other options. That said, we know our products are far superior, and we back that up with thoughtful customer service, tremendous user satisfaction and we stand behind every product we make. We promise Mile 22 Fuel Dock systems will outperform your expectations and our competitors.