Mile 22


Your boards and sports gear are valuable. Trusting their fate to a set of cheap straps doesn't make sense. But what makes one tie-down better than another? The same things that separate a custom surfboard or carbon-fiber paddleboard from a pop-out on the discount rack: clever design, quality materials and hand craftsmanship by people with experience. Since 2010 we've been obsessed with one thing...getting boards and gear to the destination unharmed. Here's why Monster Straps are better...

Basic Strap
Monster Strap basic strap
2-inch wide polypro webbing, disperses load X
  UV Treated
UV treated, resists sun damage & moisture X
Thermoplastic pressure pad, eliminates dings X
  Fiberglass Buckles
Fiberglass-reinforced acetyl nylon buckle X
Heavy-duty polyester thred, double-stitched X
  14 foot length
14 foot length, secures a stack of boards X
  100% weather-proof
100% weather-proof, never rusts or corrodes X
  Designed for water sports
Designed and purpose-built for water sports X
  FastSnap Loop
FastSnap loop keeps excess strap tidy X
  Metal buckles
Metal buckles that ding, freeze and rust X
  Built for price, not performance standards
Built for price, not performance standards X

Simple product. Proven technology.

Today, Mile 22 makes what we believe are the best gear-hauling tie-downs for watersports equipment in the world. Tomorrow? Who knows. As we see the need for more and better gear hauling and tie-down products, our line will grow organically. Of course, anything we design will be the most clever, best-made product we're capable of manufacturing. When straps are all you make, you owe it to yourself and your customers to try harder.