Mile 22

Fuel Dock Mount

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Now, for a limited time, our original Fuel Dock HX2 Mount is available “naked”… just the mount (and hardware), for use with your own cages, bottles, GPS setup, and whatever else you bring along for adventures at sea. Far superior to a modified surf fin, the Fuel Dock is our own custom design; made from extremely durable HDPE, and precision manufactured using CNC and laser cutting tech.

Designed for functional adjustability, just pick an angle for your cages/bottles, mount ‘em up and go. Mount them low for maximum visibility, or mount them high for surf-zone security. Mount them in between and be the Goldilocks of the sea, if that’s your thing. Use the slot at the base to stuff a few gels, tether your GoPro, or thread your locking strap through for added rack security.

We typically sell complete hydration systems, with cages, bottles, TubeCaps and GPS mounts all carefully spec’d and packaged together. This is your chance to get our HX2 Mount for use with your own accessories. Includes all 316 Stainless hardware, including a finger-friendly no-tool mounting screw and plate. *Cages, bottles, and other accessories are not included.