Mile 22

'NO PFD’ Prone Stickers



Prone paddlers… “Stick it to The Man” with this sticker. If your local Coast Guard or Harbormaster is in the habit of hassling paddlers about PFD usage, remind them that—as a PRONE paddler—you are exempt from Rule 33 CFR 175.11 (Code of Federal Regulations). That rule is for SUPers, outriggers, kayakers, rowers, boaters, basically anyone with a paddle, motor or propeller on their craft, BUT NOT YOU. Since you won’t likely remember that rule, we made this handy little sticker that you can put on your board for reference in the event of a “conversation.” Think how happy they will be that you were able to cite the specific code that helps them get down off your back. They’re welcome!

Stickers are 5” X 1.5” printed on UV coated 4m white vinyl

$1.00 gets you TWO (2) stickers and includes shipping.

Note: These stickers are FREE with purchase of any other item on our site. If you are buying Monster Straps or Monster Loops—and why wouldn’t you?—just add a comment on your order to include a FREE NO PDF/prone sticker.