Mile 22

'Beach Burrito' Reusable Utensil Kit


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  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Polynesian Pattern

You know what’s better than packing your trash? Not having any trash in the first place. Trash is trashy and disposable is dumb. This tidy, zero-plastic meal kit rolls up like a little burrito, and is hand-crafted with love. Bring it with you to the beach, on outdoor adventures, to your desk at work—and look cool while ignoring single-use disposable plastics. Unroll it and you've got a full set of bamboo utensils, a stainless steel straw AND a good lookin' cotton napkin. Roll it back up and keep it in your beach bag or backpack. Bring it EVERYWHERE for eatin' on the go. All while telling the plastic fork and straw industries to go kick rocks. You love the ocean, we love the ocean. And lunch. We love lunch!

  • Reusable bamboo fork, knife and spoon
  • Reusable stainless steel straw
  • 100% cotton napkin with cruisy, island style print
  • Napkin is machine washable
  • 100% coconut shell button—NOT plastic!
  • Roll it like a tiny burrito, snap it shut
  • Made in California, land of (mostly) clean beaches