Mile 22

Polar Bottle Surge Caps / Pair



Not every day is race day, where bottles with drink tubes give you a ‘hands free’ advantage for staying lubed. Some days — probably most days — you’re just out training or paddling with friends. If you already have our Sport Insulated Polar Bottle with TubeCaps, pick up a couple of interchangeable Surge Caps for everyday use. A high-flow, self-sealing valve provides a sip or a blast of water. Easy to swap, easy to clean, and easy to squirt cool hydration down your gullet.

Caps are sold as pairs, and are color-coded... you get one silver, one charcoal. This makes it easy to distinguish between bottles when one has plain water and the other has an electrolyte beverage. How clever!

Features a removable nozzle for easy cleaning. Compatible only with Sport Insulated Polar Bottle™. Bottles sold separately.