Mile 22

Polar Insulated 24 OZ Bottle w/Drink Tube / Pair



Do you like cold beverages? We like cold beverages. The Sport Insulated from Polar Bottle™ is the original BPA-free insulated fuel tank. We like them best because they are very lightweight and because they let us put Mile 22 logos on them. More importantly, 24 refreshing ounces of your favorite beverage will stay cool TWICE as long because of Polar’s Tri-Layer™ insulation and heat reflective tech. Chill your bottles overnight, load em up with 48 ounces of water or your favorite go-juice, and enjoy cool hydration for hours at sea. Cap comes vented for smooth flow.

What’s better than cool hydration on a long paddle, on a hot day? HANDS FREE hydration. Our bros at Polar are all buddied up with HydraPak™. Their Hydraflex™ Tube Kit comes installed on each bottle. These tubes are extra long (36”) but can be easily shortened for a custom fit on your deck. Their high-flow Blaster™ bite valve self-seals cleanly after each sip, and features a twist on/off bar to prevent leakage when not in use. The non-kinking tube is made with taste-free TPU, keeping your beverage tasting fresh.

Don’t stay thirsty… stay hydrated, my friends.

Note: Bottles come with extra long 36" drink tubes. The tubes shown in photos have been shortened; we like ‘em at about 24-25” from bottom of bottle to bite.