Mile 22

TubeCaps / Pair



Get tubed with Mile 22's exclusive Polar Bottle compatible TubeCaps and enjoy hands free hydration while you grind out the miles. No gross adhesives or glues are used to seal the tube to the cap. Our installation method is organic, and so precise, it might as well be a surgical procedure. TubeCaps come with a hands-free vent that allows your beverage to flow freely from bottle through tube, right into your engine, and it keeps saltwater out. Compare that to our competitor's products, and see what extra work they require your hands to do. Our TubeCaps are unmatched for drinking efficiency and efficacy.

The high-flow Blaster bite valve self-seals cleanly after each sip, and features a twist on/off bar to prevent leakage when not in use. The non-kinking tube is made with taste-free TPU, keeping your beverage tasting fresh.

Tubes are extra long (at 36”) but can be easily shortened for a personalized fit on your deck. We like ‘em at about 24-25” from bottom of bottle to bite valve... see photo of Tessa paddling with two bottles for the cut-down length. Comes with ProTips for cleaning and customization.

* Compatible only with Polar Breakaway and Sport Insulated Bottles (like the ones we sell on this site).